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Quite fun and addicting perfect for a mobile game. The art style and music works quite good together would definitely recommend this game if youre looking for a fun entertaining time-killer on mobile. 


Fun game with some great music.  Thanks for sending to me!

Thank you very much for playing!

No problem.  it was fun

Deleted 1 year ago

This is totally true! Mr. Cheesy is a really crazy guy!


Made a video


Awesome thank you very much! Make sure to check out the enhanced mobile version with so many new features! 😃

Haha, great idea for a game made under 72 hours

Thanks! It was really stressful trust me haha

Really cool and crazy Ludum Dare idea!!! I just love it ♥♥♥

Thank you very much for playing! The Ludum Dare experience was just amazing.🙏

Amazing Ludum Dare entry. I like that you continue working on the game even after the event.

Apreciate that! I will work on the game by porting it to mobile with a lot of new features and unlockables!

Follow the facebook page in the description to stay tuned🧀

Had a lot of fun hearing that mouse crying every time a placed the mouse trap! Big bravo!👍

Thank you very much! That sound effect gets me every time too🐭

Nice one, keep up!

Thank you! Glad you liked playing as a Cheese! 🧀

Great game idea and also very enjoyable game! Loved it! Good job!

This means so much! Really happy you enjoyed playing.

The game is so much fun🤩😁 I am getting addicted lool 

haha mission accomplished :D Thank yo

Loved the idea! Very nice job! I really enjoyed it.

This really means the world to me and keeps me motivated! Thanks!

Such a great job! Loved the gameplay.

Thanks a lot for playing! Much appreciated Mailo.

OMG such a crazy idea ! GOOD LUCK with the LUDUM DARE <3

Thank you very much! Glad you liked it